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University of Kentucky Employees:

Everyone here at MPM would like to welcome you to our website. Since 1995, MPM has partnered with UK to provide and administer benefits designed to supplement those already provided by the University. As a UK employee, you are eligible to enroll in these benefits within the first 30 days of your hire date or during the "Open Enrollment" period each year. If you do not elect to participate in a benefit when first eligible, stricter underwriting guidelines may be used at a later date and coverage may be denied. This is a summary of the available plans and benefits.

Most Supplemental Benefits have common features that include:

  • Discounted Costs - Rates are significantly reduced due to group size.
  • Payroll Deduction - No checks to write and easier to budget.  Please note that benefits with pre-tax premium deductions can only be changed/cancelled during UK's Benefits Open Enrollment (except for Qualifying Events).
  • No Medical Exams – Health underwriting is relaxed due to group size.
  • Portability - Most plans may be continued after employment ends on a home bill basis.

Click on any of these available Voluntary Benefits:

MetLaw Group Legal: Quality legal assistance can be pricey. And it can be hard to know where to turn to find an attorney you trust.  But for a low monthly fee, you can have a team of top attorneys ready to help you take care of life’s planned and unplanned legal events. This plan also provides credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Sign up under your "Self-Service" portal on myUK (click here) within 60 days of your hire date or at your annual Open Enrollment. For more informatiion, call 800-821-6400; or visit and enter 9901134 for Single Coverage or 9901135 for Family Coverage.

Accident Insurance:  This plan is designed to help take care of unexpected bills related to injury accidents (even sports-related) that occur everyday. Accident insurance provides benefits for initial care, injuries, and follow-up care that are a result of a covered accident. These benefits are not offset by health insurance benefits; and all payments are paid directly to you. A  $100 Health Screening Benefit is also included.  Pre-tax premiums. Polices are issued by Trustmark Insurance Company.

Group Cancer Insurance: Available to regular employees with a .5 FTE assignment or greater and family.  Must be 18 or older.  Designed to help offset indirect out of pocket expenses associated with cancer treatment and 29 other specified diseases. Benefits are paid directly to the insured regardless of any other health insurance coverage in force.  The plan also pays each insured a Wellness Benefit of $100 per year when the insured receives a qualifying wellness exam/test

Allstate Claim Forms and Claim Website

Short-Term Disability Income:    The Short-Term Disability Income Plan is designed to provide an income for up to 6 months when an employee cannot work due to an illness or off-the-job accident.  Faculty are not eligible for this benefit.  The plan also covers disability resulting from pregnancy after 10 months on the plan.  Plan A has a 14-Day Elimination Period, and Plan B has a 30-Day Elimination Period.  Please call MPM to enroll.

Trustmark Forms:

Universal Life Insurance: Available for employees and their spouses, children, and grandchildren (Issue ages 0-64). This permanent type of life insurance is designed to be there for you now and in retirement. It also accumulates cash value. Five reasons to enroll:

  1. Perfect for Final Expenses/Burial Policy.
  2. Cheaper than waiting and converting group term life at retirement.
  3. Adult premiums as low as $5/week.
  4. Children/Grandchildren premiums as low as $3/week.
  5. Death Benefits as low as $10,000.

Click on the following links for additional information and call MPM with questions and/or to complete an application.

UK Group Term Life & Dependent Life: The Group Term Life Insurance can be purchased in increments equal to the UK employee's salary. The maximum coverage is now 8x salary or $1 million, whichever is less.

The Dependent Life can be purchased on an employees' spouse and/or children (including sponsored dependents) in amounts of $10k, $15, $20, $25k, or $30k.

Aetna has created a special website with additional information. Click HERE to be redirected.

To enroll in this benefit, go to the "myUK" self service portal found HERE.

Long-Term Care Insurance:  This coverage helps pay for long-term care expenses which are normally not covered by health insurance or Medicare.  Currently, new policies for payroll deduction are not being accepted; but we can assist you in obtaining a policy that is direct billed.

If you purchased a Long Term Care policy from Genworth, please call (800) 416-3624 for service.

If you purchased a Long Term Care policy from John Hancock, please call (800) 400-2896 for service.

If you purchased a policy from PFL Life/Monumental Life/Transamerica, please call (800) 338-0257 for service.

Please feel free to call us as well, but the information we have on your specific payroll deducted policy will be limited.

If you would like MPM to provide you with information and/or quotes from other carriers, please call us at (859) 223-4973.

Auto & Homeowners Insurance: Special group rates for Auto, Home, Renters, Condo, Recreational Vehicle, Boat, Mobile Home, Landlord's Rental Dwelling, and Personal Excess Liability ("Umbrella"). For quotes, please call 1-800-GET-MET8.  To obtain a quote online, go to  Be sure to have a copy of your current coverage in hand so that you can obtain an accurate comparison.

Veterinary Pet Insurance: Insurance for your pet that can help pay for minor problems to life-threatening situations. Allows you to visit any licensed veterinarian. Optional Vaccination and Routine Care Coverage is also available. For quotes, please call 1-800-GET-MET8. For quotes online, go to

Voluntary Long-Term Disability (VLTD) Buy-Up:  Allows employees who are eligible for the University provided long-term disability benefit to purchase additional coverage equal to 10% of their base salary.  This coverage can fill the gap between your pre-disability salary and the University provided 60% LTD benefit. Unlike the University provided coverage, benefits are tax free and not offset by other forms of disability benefits.

"Protect your most valuable asset...your paycheck. Don't risk a 40% paycut."

Please call our office at (859) 223-4973 for additional information or to enroll in these benefits. Please keep in mind that because many of these policies are individually owned and portable, one of our specialists may have to assist you with your application.

If you are already enrolled in one or more of these benefits and would like to make changes, please click below for a Service Request Form. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you need assistance.


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